• Preparation of Balance Sheet horizontal & vertical (as per Revised schedule VI).
  • Facility to import data from tally with previous year figures, if required.
  • Facility to prepare fixed assets chart as per income tax act & as per companies act.
  • Facility to feed data through trial balance or directly through trading, P&L and Balance Sheet.
  • Option of inner column, previous year figures, quantity column.
  • Facility to prepare schedule & grouping.
  • Preparation of report viz. form 3CA, 3CB, 3CD with annexure, companies auditors report (CARO), notice director’s report, notes & account with the help of predefined formats or user can design own format.
  • Transfer of figures to return form & computation.
  • Alert for any change in the P&L and balance sheet to update figures in return form and computation
  • Transfer figures from 3CD depreciation chart to fixed assets chart & depreciation chart in CompuTax.
  • Automatic calculation of ratio in form 3CD.
  • Automatic filling of annexure of form 3CD. Any change in the balance sheet will auto update while printing the annexure.
  • Suggested answers while preparing 3CD and (CARO).
  • Facility to change font, font size.
  • Manual Page break, printing order of reports.
  • Customized format of Balance Sheet, P&L, Trading, Capital a/c, schedule according to requirement of use, with Templates facility.
  • ……….. & lots of other features.