CompuOffice A Complete automation Software for Professionals


  • Single switch Board for all software(s).
  • Email of files directly to clients.
  • Common client information for all software(s).
  • Searching of records by Code No, Name, PAN, etc.
  • Online auto updation of software.
  • E-Payment of Challan.
  • Contact Person Details for Clients.
  • Defining user rights with grouping facility.
  • Password protection for individual clients.
  • Data input validation checks to eliminate errors.
  • Birthday Reminder.
  • Facilities of sending SMS to Clients.
  • Return filing Management (Return Filed Status, Pending Returns etc.).
  • Real Time News & updates related to software at dashboard of CompuOffice.

CompuTax Tax Solutions Software


  • Computation of Income & Tax thereon, taking care of various ceiling, deduction, set-off & carry forward of losses.

Auto activities from software :

  • Online filing of e-return.
  • Registration of DSC.
  • Auto download of ITR –V.
  • Bulk Refund Status.
  • Auto fill ITR-V Receipt date from CPC.
  • View & Import data from 26AS.
  • Upload Rectification of ITR.
  • User Registration & update profile contact.
  • ADD CA & Approve Audit Report.
  • Link Aadhar with PAN and Generate EVC.
  • E-Verify return through Aadhar OTP or through EVC.
  • Auto pick intimations & other communications etc. received on your email Id (sent by ITD) and their management.

More Activities

  • Bulk Aadhar Link.
  • Submit Response to outstanding tax demand.
  • Bulk e-verification.
  • Import data from xml file.
  • Advance Tax Estimation.
  • Relief u/s 89(1) & form10E.
  • Filing Return by Legal Heir.
  • Direct navigation from one screen to other screen.
  • Ready Reckoner, Capital Gain Index, Gold & Silver Rate, Tax rates.
  • Import of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Computation from CompuBal Software.
  • E-return error Locator with facility of correction on same screen.
  • Automatic transfer of master data and particulars to next assessment year(s).
  • Transfer of Allowable Remuneration & Other details of partner in Firm to the Partner’s Individual ITR.
  • Facilities of creating user defined password for all clients & generating bulk password.
  • Keeps Investment details and transfer Income from Investment in Computation & ITR for relevant F.Y.
  • Display of Current & Previous year figures of Income and Tax thereon on screen.

CompuTds e-Tds Solution


Auto Facilities of Software :

  • Deductor Registration at TRACES and ITD Portal.
  • Import Challan from OLTAS.
  • Request at TRACES portal for Form 16/16A, Justification File and Consolidated FVU File.
  • Bulk PAN Verification at TRACES.
  • Calculation of Late filing fees at the time of e-TDS Return.
  • Picking up Token number from Traces and ITD Portal.
  • Non Filing of Declaration at Traces Site.
  • Import 15G/H Entries from XML and Excel file.
  • Prepare e-TDS return & Direct Upload at ITD Portal (Original and Correction).
  • Pre-Scrutiny of e-return before FVU Generation to minimize defaults.
  • Simplified process of preparing correction return with guidance at each step (Correction map).
  • Simplified process of Registration of Form 15G/H and Filing Return (XML file) at ITD Portal.
  • Online original and correction return Filing of Form 15G/H at ITD Portal (With step wise step Video Help guideline).
  • Simplified process of reading Email automatically for intimation U/s 200A.
  • Registration of DSC at TRACES profile and ITD Profile of Deductor.
  • Generate digitally signed Form 16/16A from TRACES with facility to email to deductee and deductor.
  • Online Challan Correction at TRACES.
  • Return Cum Statement Facility for TDS on sale of Immovable Property (Form 26QB).
  • Alerts for Duplicate PAN, Duplicate Name or Blank Name and change invalid PAN at a Glance.
  • Merge Employee (On the basis of Name and Duplicate PAN).
  • Repeat Entry Option (Next month same TDS entries can be copied and also auto adjusted with challan).
  • Import Date from Tally/ Excel/Bank/e Return Txt File.
  • Export Employee data to CompuTax.
  • Move or Transfer of challan and Entries from one Quarter to another Quarter.
  • Auto Rectify of Justification (Default).
  • Various Interest Calculation Reports on Quarterly basis (Late Deduction, Late Payment Etc.).
  • Video Helps for Various Activities in Software for better understanding of CompuTds.

CompuGst A Goods and Service Tax Solution


General Features
  • Issue invoices with CompuGst Invoice Add on.
  • Auto Preparation of GSTR 1 from CompuGst Invoice Add on.
  • Prepare, check and file returns in simple steps.
  • Import data from Department website.
  • All returns can be prepared offline.
  • Control and alerts for time bound filing through SMS /email to client.
  • Automatic filing of registration/ Return forms at GST site.
  • Interaction with your accounting package to eliminate differences between filed data and accounting data/ push files created for automatic updation in your accounting software.
  • Informative dashboard for various task management like pending returns, taxes etc.
  • Authentication of returns through DSC/ e-sign incorporated.
  • User management system for multiple logins with permitted access.
  • Sorting, filtering and advanced search mechanisms for organized data.
  • Efficient support system to resolve all your queries / issues.
Data Input
  • Special export utilities for collecting data from client’s computer and auto attach with client code at Professional’s office.
  • Import data from accounting software/ excel.
  • Smart comparing on next import/ multiple imports.
  • Automatic preparation of Return form based on input data/import data.
  • Automatic transfer of Invoices to next period return, wherever required.
  • Item, recipient, supplier masters for easy input.
  • Fetch relevant GSTR Automatically for comparison /validation of invoices/ Data.
  • Automatic action of accept/ Reject etc. on data received from counterparty’s GSTR.
  • Data validation, Match/mismatch handled through artificial intelligence.
  • Calculation of Tax Liabilities
  • Managing Liabilities, Credit and cash ledgers.
  • Calculation of ITC.
  • Automatic adjustment of ITC, TDS, TCS, payments, reversal etc.
  • Validation and auto pre- scrutiny to avoid errors in return forms.
  • Validation of summary from department website with input data/ software data before final submission.
  • Mismatch, ITC credits and other useful reports.
  • Pending actions
  • Return filed/ pending.
  • Communicate pendency to supplier and recipient via e-mail.

CompuBal Balance Sheet & Audit Report Solution


Preparation of financial statements as per Companies Act, 2013
  • Balance Sheet as per Schedule III and depreciation chart as per Schedule II.
  • Auto preparation of Cash Flow Statement (indirect method) for companies.
  • Prepare MGT 9 (extract of annual return).
  • Depreciation calculator for calculating depreciation on individual assets.
  • Automatic generation of notes as per Schedule –III.
Preparation of financial statements other than Company Cases
  • Balance Sheet in Horizontal format as well as in Vertical Format.
  • Prepare depreciation chart as per IT Act.
  • Prepare Income & Expenditure A/c and Receipt & Payment A/c.
  • Facility to Incorporate previous year column.
  • Various other features for user’s convenience such as: Facility to prepare more than one trading A/c, Columnar Trading A/c add quantity column in Trading A/c etc.
Preparation and online filing of Tax Audit Forms such as 3CD, 29B and 10CCC, etc.
  • Facility to register CA, track status of registered CA and Add CA in assessee’s account at IT Site.
  • XML Import Facility.
  • Facility to import TDS information from CompuTDS and text file.
  • Various validations as per IT department for error free filing with error locator.
  • Automatic calculation of ratios in Form 3CD.
  • Facility to transfer from 3CD Depreciation Chart to Fixed Assets Chart of Balance Sheet and depreciation chart of CompuTax.
  • Get Status of Uploaded and Approved forms.
  • Auto sign attachment through DSC Token.
  • Auto conversion of Financial statements in PDF.
And many more like
  • Facility to Import data from Tally Software & Excel Sheet.
  • Facility to Transfer Balance Sheet, Computation and other information (3CD) into ITR Form i.e. transfer data into CompuTax.
  • Facilities to merge financial statements of multiple business of single client.
  • Many templates for Independent Auditor’s Report as per Companies Act, 2013.
  • Templates for Board of director report and notes of account as per Companies Act, 2013.
  • There are various other templates available for auditor’s requirement.

CompuWatch Productivity Enrichment


Professional Edition
  • Enables to view & access any Computer System.
  • Setting of permissions for using external drives (Pen drives, CD’s etc.).
  • Setting of permissions for using /restricting websites.
  • Enables to keep watch on office /employees through webcam (if installed).
  • Auto recording of employee computer screen/ Webcam for defined period.
  • Maintain Log (history) of Internet surfing.
  • Real time security alerts on failure of Security setting of any employee’s P.C.
  • Facility to login from anywhere in the world.
  • Facility to view unlimited number of screens at a time.
  • Screen sharing facility, with any computer system.
  • Sending of file, message in real time from client to client, client to server & vice versa.
Corporate Silver Edition Features in addition to Professional Edition
  • Facility to create groups/departments for monitoring by their superiors.
  • Two supervisory levels, admin & group admin.
  • Facility to connect with Head Office located anywhere in the world.
Corporate Gold Edition Features in addition to Professional Edition & Corporate Silver
  • Facility to monitor different branch offices situated at other location anywhere in the world.

CompuRoc e-Solution to MCA


  • Auto activities from software (without visiting MCA site)

    1. Single click Login to MCA site.
    2. DSC registration without login to MCA portal.
    3. Import company master information from MCA Portal through CIN.
    4. Import director information & other directorship from MCA portal through DIN.
    5. Downloading of acknowledgement of filed form through SRN.
  • Facility to convert word/text file in PDF.
  • Preparation of Resolution, Notices, Meeting & Minutes, Compliance Certificate, Annual Return.
  • Updated Forms, Registers, Resolution, MOA/ AOA according to new Companies Act, 2013.
  • E-Forms according to Companies Act, 2013.
  • Incorporation of MGT-7 and MGT-9.

CompuPay A Payroll Assistant


Module 1

Payroll, Salary Processing and Statutory Compliance

Module 2

Integration of Payroll software with Time Machine/ Attendance Machine.

Module 3

Employee Self Services

Special Features

No cap on employees as well as companies.
In-built TDS software within Payroll Software at no extra cost.
File e-return for TDS, PF and ESI.
Multi Location integration capability.
Fully integrated as per standard statutory compliances.
Standard format for Challans
Easy to use and understand
Best technical and customer support
Unbeatable industry price

CompuXBRL Make XBRL filing easy


  • Different type of inputs like numeric, text, date, text block, etc. have been separated by colour for error free feeding.
  • Parent child exempted inputs have been separately indicated.
  • Facility to hide inapplicable sheet according to :
    1. Consolidated /Standalone balance sheet.
    2. Main /Alternate Profit and Loss A/c.
  • Copy paste facility from Word, Excel in text block with formatting.
  • Facility to auto fill Company & Director’s detail from MCA site on the basis of CIN.
  • Auto Generation of Compulsory tags where there is no value.
  • Auto List of standard items for inputs.

CompuCma Financial Solution


  • Auto Preparation of CMA data in operating statement on the basis of % increase in sales.
  • Automatic preparation of comparative statement. MPBF statement & Fund flow.
  • Auto Calculation of closing stock on the basis of turnover period.
  • FM tools for calculation of EMI, Comparative EMI, Loan Calculator, IRR Calculation, NPV, Interest rate calculation.
  • Facility of broken period.
  • Facility to compare figure with that of previous year.

CompuChk Checking of IT Assessment Orders Calculation



  • Checking of calculation of order u/s 143(1), 143(3), 147, 153A, 154, Appeal effects.
  • Checking of calculation or interest u/s 234B/C/D, 220(2), 244A.
  • Facility to import order details from CompuTax or previous orders.
  • Printing of reports with advance useful options.

CompuWeb Access Software from Any Where In the World



  • Allows you to access all of CompuOffice Software(s) from anywhere in the world.
  • Allow access to office staff according to the right assigned to them.
  • Clients can be given limited access to view computation and relevant reports.
  • Option to restrict office staff to access software(s) from outside office premises.
  • Audit staff can access software from client premises and prepare computation or balance sheet online.

CompuBill Complete Billing Solution



  • Preparation of professional’s bills & receipts.
  • Display/flash of client fees outstanding at the time of preparation of return.
  • Reporting in more than 50 ways viz. Outstanding bills, collection reports etc. client wise, group wise, period wise.

CompuDms Document Management

Unique Features

  • Compilation of documents at one place.
  • View, print, e-mail document at single click.
  • Create category, attach document according to your own requirement.
  • Cloud facility to view documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides facility to your client to view, print, download document.
  • Mobile app to access documents.

CompuTds_AI Advanced tool for TDS return preparation from accounting software


  • 1. Auto Identification
  • Select parties of whom TDS deducted
  • TDS deducted entries
  • Reporting of Zero TDS entries
  • TDS deposited entries
  • Automatically link TDS entries with challan to file return
  • 1A. Correction/ Revised Return
  • Find out TDS entries in which correction made
  • Find New TDS entries made after filing of Return
2. Tracking Validations
  • Find incorrect PAN from TRACES
  • Validate challan amount from NSDL
  • Inform if challan has unadjusted balance
  • Warn higher rate deduction in case wrong/blank PAN
  • Warn for short deduction or short payment
  • Other useful validations, Interest, Late Fee, etc.
3. Generation of Return with Direct Submission on portal
  • Generate e-TDS Return & Form-27A for offline submit
  • Upload e-TDS Return on portal directly
  • Login and Registration at ITD portal
  • TAN Registration at NSDL
  • Login and Registration at TRACES
4. TDS Certificate and Useful Reporting
  • Generation of TDS Certificate (Form-16/16A)
  • Mail TDS Certificates to clients
  • E-Return Preview
  • Challan wise TDS Entries Adjusted
5. Download data from portals
  • Import challan from OLTAS
  • Conso file for Correction Return
  • Request status from ITD & TRACES
  • Download CSI file from NSDL
  • TRACES Form 16/16A & Conso files

CompuSpace Cloud Backup

Alternate Text

CompuSpace does...

  • Automatic backup on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis with customizable settings as per your need.
  • Restoration of backup available anytime.

Why CompuSpace?

  • Offsite backup of CompuOffice.
  • Minimizes risk of loss of data in case of system crashes and technical errors.